Online Book Club? Yep. We’re Doing It!

Hi! I’m Arden Mac, your friendly book reviewer. I read lots. Analyze lots. Convene some. I thought it’d be cool to put all of these actions together to form Arden’s Book Club, the ABC’s of connecting book lovers.

I want you to join the club!

Just so you know I’m legit, I’ll offer a bit about my bookie background. I’m currently on WBTV in Charlotte twice a month to give book recommendations. (Hungry for recommendations now? Click here!) I’ve also written book nook stories for children’s magazines and local blogs.

Like so many of you, I grew up devouring books faster than most of my friends. I still devour books pretty quickly and wish I had the time to drive to a book club, gab over a book for an hour or so, and drive home. I don’t. I started realizing a lot of us don’t have that time.

Yet, we still crave an opportunity to share our thoughts about and experiences with the book we’re reading.

Friends, your girl’s got you covered. I’m creating an online book club. Each month, I’ll offer two book clubs for you to join; a fiction and nonfiction. I’m working on a platform where we can gather online together. Plus, I’m on the hunt for local book vendors who will give you a discount on the book club book you choose.

So, bookmark this page and stay tuned for our launch later this summer! ‘Til then, I’ll give you updates on what I’m reading… Right now, Star Island by Carl Hiaasen and The Circle Maker by Mark Batterson have my attention.

Star Island is my first book venture with Carl Hiaasen. So far, his quirky style and fast paced story are appealing, though a tad daunting. The character switches don’t allow for much restful reading. The Circle Maker is chock full of insights about bold prayers. I’m reading it slowly to practice each area highlighted by Mark Batterson.

So, thanks for beginning a new adventure with me. More to come and I can’t wait to meet each of you soon!





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