Book Club: Ways to Engage

Happy New Year! If you’ve made a New Year’s Resolution to read more, read different, or read collectively then you’ve hit the jackpot. Arden’s Book Club will be leading you through 12 books in 2016 to help you reach all of these goals.


Our book for January is Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes. It’s around $12 for the E-book version and $14 for a Hardcover (paperback isn’t available yet).

I’m sure your local library has copies too. But, if you can buy this book, I’d recommend it. You’ll probably be taking notes on every corner of the pages.

There will be three ways we will discuss the book. You can participate in as many of the ways as you like. I simply encourage you to at least pick one way. I created this online book club as a way to build community and conversation. I’m asking you to say “Yes” to building with me.



  1. During the live chat on Periscope  the last Tuesday of each month from 7:30-8:30 p.m.
  2. On Arden’s Book Club Facebook page 
  3. Within the comment section of blog posts on this site


Periscope is a free app. You will see me, be able to write questions for the group and me, and chat with each other last Tuesday.

To help us practice, I’ll be broadcasting live throughout the month for a variety of projects of mine. I’ll always give a subject about which I’m talking. If you see ABC or Book Club pop up, you’ll know we’re talking book club goodies. If you see anything else, feel free to tune in, but Single Life or Faith Fun may not be your cup o’ tea.

Periscope keeps chats live for about 24 hours. If you miss me live you can always go back and catch up on what was said.

You can find me on Periscope by searching Arden Mac or @lipstick_writer. You can also click here to follow me.

I’ll be posting on Facebook throughout the month. During the last week of each month, I’ll post a question a day for all of us to discuss. I encourage you to engage with each other! This book club is much more about you then it is about me. I’m merely the convener. I want you all learn and grow from each other.

The website discussion will be similar to the Facebook discussion. However, I’ll probably post several questions and you guys can discuss in the comment section.


Please invite at least 5 people to join our group. You can share Arden’s Book Club on Facebook. You can email this post to friends. You can put up flyers in your neighborhood. Or, you can do all three or anything else that works.

I’m excited to see what our 2016 holds. Stay tuned and remember to email me any questions you have.




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