Scary Close by Donald Miller

Happy day to you! I’ve got a new book worthy of the highly sought after Arden’s Book Club seal of approval. I’m sure I’ll have my own gold stamp like Oprah any day now. Only  mine will be Carolina blue. Or pink. Or green. Whatever. It’ll be a color.

I now present to you: Scary Close: Dropping the Act and Find True Intimacy by Donald Miller.


In Miller’s latest book Scary Close, he allows us to dive into his personal life of dating… and what he finally had to do for himself before he could be in a healthy relationship with any woman.

Scary Close gets the Arden’s Book Club seal of approval because no matter where we are in our relationships, we always have an opportunity to be more honorable to others, which ultimately forces us to be kinder to ourselves.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll post some questions for you all to help you progress through the book. I encourage you to buy it, read it, and give it to a friend.

Maybe you’ve done a lot of the work Miller discusses. I know I have. But, to me, we only do our world more justice when we learn to communicate better.

Let’s be honest, our world could use more honest communication and a lot less fighting. 3d56aadb2b738379dfeda67dd3d28175

In my years of really working on me, I have found I fight the most when the story I’m telling the world is contradictory to my actual story. To be in a healthy relationship with someone else really means we’re in a healthy relationship with our truest self.

Now, share the amazing quote above with all your people and let’s get Scary Close together.


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