Arden Reviews: Let The Marriage Begin!

I’ll begin this review with a disclaimer: I am not married. I have never been married.

This little tidbit about myself matters because I’m reviewing a book tailored almost exclusively to married folks; especially those in their first year of marriage. So, if you’re not married either, then you may wanna forward this post to your coupled-up friends.

IMG_7365In Delores Hamilton’s Let the Marriage Begin! A practical guide to getting married and surviving your first year, the readers are given almost a year’s worth of professional counseling to them in 82 pages.

With topics ranging from the Chase and Catch (the pursuit and engagement) to the Union and Y In the Road (when decisions have to be made) to the Division and Unification process so many couples face within the first 365 days of marriage, Hamilton has practical stories and guided questions for each and every couple ready to make marriage work.

From what I understand, marriage can be hard. It can also be the best work you ever do. I’ve written many times about the single life. Here is one. And here. But, I’m no expert in marriage. However, Hamilton is. She’s a Licensed Relationship Psychotherapist and counsels at Personally Enriched. She knows what it takes to create the best marriage for you and your spouse.

So, check out her book. Buy a copy for you and your spouse. Make the best marriage possible and be shining examples for the next generation of married folks ready to come up behind you.


PS – If you’re not married but you’re interested in meeting that someone special. Hamilton will launch a new company called Relationship Redesigned soon. Check out more on her Facebook page here.




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