Support Arden’s Book Club (Kickstart Link)


I created a kickstart crowdsourcing campaign to ask you, my readers, to help Arden’s Book Club to expand to reach more readers. Giving to the campaign will enable me to purchase more books, contact more authors, and attend book festivals (which tends to lead to even more book and author contact).

Many have asked why I buy books instead of borrowing them from lending libraries. The two big reasons are:

  1. Most libraries have long waiting lists for the most recent books which means I can’t give you the latest and greatest reads because I’m simply sitting on that list with others.
  2. I take notes and dog-ear the pages of the books I read for review.  These are big no-no’s with other people’s books.

I humbly ask you for your financial support. I love giving my book club to you for free. Please help me continue to provide for you by donating today.

Here’s the link to Arden’s Book Club’s Kickstarter Campaign.



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