Arden Recommends: No, No Elizabeth by Carmen K. Jimenez

IMG_3227Book: No, No Elizabeth

Author: Carmen K. Jimenez

Genre: Children

Basic Description:  Elizabeth wants to play all day! From running around outside to jumping on the bed, she’s a curious little girl. But Mommy, Daddy, and even Liza the kitty can’t always play and sometimes they must say “no.” Through this sweet, colorful book, early readers will learn just because grownups say “no” sometimes, doesn’t mean they love any less.

Arden’s Thoughts: I love No, No Elizabeth for multiple reasons including the bold pictures, realistic characters, and easy-to-follow plot. What I love most though is the honesty of the story. As much as it breaks our hearts to tell our children, “no”, sometimes we simply cannot play with them. And our author, Carmen REALLY knows about the importance of play at the right time because she’s actually a Registered Play Therapy Supervisor. She’s writing her book from a place of expertise. Trust the tools in this book, especially the tool at the end: a play-by-play of how to have honest conversations with your children.

I believe books open doors and dialogues for all ages. No, No Elizabeth allows the open dialogue to start early with your children. Read it again and again!



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