Arden Recommends: The Fabulous F Words of Business Ownership by Fabi Preslar

F-Word-3D-coverBook: The Fabulous F Words of Business Ownership: Redefining Choice Words to Fuel Your Business 

Author: Fabi Preslar

Publisher: SPARK Publications

Genre: Business / Entrepreneur / Business Biography

Basic Description: When Fabi Preslar entered the world of business ownership, she never knew how powerful F words could be. Twenty years later, she’s sharing what she’s learned in Fabulous F Words of Business Ownership: Redefining Choice Words to Fuel Your Small Business. Throughout the book, we journey along with Fabi through her forefather’s lessons in business ownership to the fear and facade we all experience as business owners and finally into flourishing in the spaces we have built. With probing questions in each chapter, she invites readers to dig deep into their own business journeys to find the fuel to move forward successfully.

Arden’s Thoughts: Being honest about our struggles with anything is hard to do. It takes courage to put our big bags of… not our finest moments into the world to see. It takes wisdom to understand where we fall short, learn from it, and understand our lesson(s) enough to share with the world. It takes a leader to pull off all of the above and lead an award-winning business to profitability year after year.

In Preslar’s second book, readers get insight and practical lessons for how to be the leader our businesses need. Fabulous F Words of Business Ownership is tailored toward business owners, but includes practical lessons for all leaders.

My favorite F Word in this book was Foundation. I believe a solid foundation sets us up for success. It’s often times the most boring part of any business development (and for sure the least sexy) but without a solid foundation, our businesses fail. Preslar teaches about her own foundation and poses questions for readers to consider theirs.

The book takes readers on a path from fear to flourish, which will leave each person feeling encouraged in his or her own path while also challenged to keep moving forward toward more productivity.

Find Preslar’s book here. Book her to speak at a group near you here.


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