About Me

Picture thanks to Laurel Belle Photography

Hi! I’m Arden and I’m obsessed with reading. I believe reading allows us to enter into worlds unknown and deepen our understanding of ourselves.

I believe great writing isn’t always read by the masses, but sometimes the masses get it right.

I believe children’s books make the perfect gift for any age person.

And I believe, if you say you don’t like reading, you simply haven’t found a book you enjoy yet.

I’m also an advocate for literacy and how the ability to read should not be taken lightly. Too many times children drift through their school years with limited to no reading skills and end up adults with no education. These adults are then expected to live and thrive in a society full of words that hold no meaning to them. And, by the time they are adults we blame them for their lack of education.

To be a world class society, we must have a world class literacy mindset. In Arden’s Book Club I’ll review really fun books. I’ll give you tips on how to encourage reading for your children. And, I’ll inspire you to want to ensure your community makes literacy a top priority for every person who resides in it.

Let’s change our world; one book at a time.


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