WBTV Segment (August 24, 2015)

Children’s picture books are my favorite. Even though I’m a 30-something-year-old woman with no children, if I had an unlimited supply of money, I’d buy every children’s book available. This week’s Arden’s Book Club segment on WBTV I got to promote three gorgeous children’s books AND talk about my favorite character Skippyjon Jones. Big day,Continue reading “WBTV Segment (August 24, 2015)”

WBTV Need To Read Segment (August 11, 2015)

What a fun treat to be with Kristen Miranda on WBTV Monday, Aug. 11. I missed my people aka you! My viewers. Thanks so much for always being a part of my story of loving and promoting books. For this week’s picks, check out my review by clicking here. Read more about Star Island byContinue reading “WBTV Need To Read Segment (August 11, 2015)”

Online Book Club? Yep. We’re Doing It!

Hi! I’m Arden Mac, your friendly¬†book reviewer. I read lots. Analyze lots. Convene some. I thought it’d be cool to put all of these actions together to form Arden’s Book Club, the ABC’s of connecting book lovers. I want you to join the club! Just so you know I’m legit, I’ll offer a bit aboutContinue reading “Online Book Club? Yep. We’re Doing It!”