WBTV Segment: August 22, 2016

After a month away from TV, I finally made it back just in time to introduce Mark Davenport to Arden’s Book Club.  Insider secret: I love being on air with someone who’s never met me. He or she will kindly begin to explain the process. I’ll smile and say, “Or, you could let me lead and go with the flow. I’ve been here for more than ten years. I’m still never quite sure what I’ll say until we’re on air, but I promise, it’ll be good.”

I’ve gotten mixed reactions (I should really explain I graduated from a top Journalism program and know the deal, but what fun is that?) but Mark’s was the best. It went something like… Awesome!

And, y’all, I’d say it was TV gold.

PS – Thank you Arden’s Book Club Supporter Louise Kistler for loaning me these books.

PPS – Love my book club? Donate to make it bigger and better here.


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